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Pricelist of procedures 2020

Name of procedure Duration Price
Procedures free
Air bubble bath with a dry wrap 30 min. 300CZK
Bath with additives and a dry wrap 30 min. 350CZK
Swimming 30 min. 70CZK
Swimming with whirlpool 60 min. 100CZK
Aqua aerobics 60 min. 95CZK
Group whirlpool 15 min. 70CZK
Whirlpool – for limbs 15 min. 150CZK
Underwater massage 20 min. 400CZK
Traditional massage – partial 15 min. 300CZK
Nape massage 30 min. 420CZK
Back massage 30 min. 420CZK
All-over relaxation massage 90 min. 1 325CZK
Face massage 30 min. 465CZK
Four-hand massage 45 min. 1 000CZK
Segment reflex massage 30 min. 800CZK
Reflex foot massage 30 min. 550CZK
Partial aroma massage 30 min. 450CZK
All-over aroma massage 60 min. 850CZK
Little special aroma massage 45 min. 600CZK
Big special aroma massage 90 min. 1 100CZK
Anti-stress massage 60 min. 895CZK
Indian head massage 60 min. 520CZK
Lava stones massage 90 min. 1 200CZK
Matamanoa – massage with sea shells 90 min. 1 650CZK
All-over chocolate massage 90 min. 1 600CZK
Chocolate segment back massage 45 min. 620CZK
Chocolate wrap 60 min. 800CZK
Sweet breeze of paradise 60 min. 1 070CZK
Coconut touch 30 min. 450CZK
Cinnamon massage 30 min. 420CZK
Tropical foot wrap 45 min. 590CZK
Tropical hand wrap 45 min. 520CZK
Cupping therapy 30 min. 400CZK
Mechanical massage – Hydrojet 15 min. 250CZK
All over body massage and rituals
Esthetic forming of the figure 90 min. 1 230CZK
Fiji ritual 90 min. 1 600CZK
Tokoriki 120 min. 1 950CZK
Thalassotherapy – Lower limbs, tummy, hips and buttocks 90 min. 1 450CZK
Thalassotherapy – Face 45 min. 590CZK
Thalassotherapy – Back of the thighs, hips and buttocks 60 min. 890CZK
Dry carbon-dioxide bath 30 min. 250CZK
Therapeutic exercise in the pool 30 min. 205CZK
Finnish sauna 90 min. 95CZK
Aromatic steam sauna 30 min. 80CZK
Group therapeutic exercise 30 min. 105CZK
Relaxing–activating exercise 60 min. 200CZK
Nordic Walking 60 min. 190CZK
Vibrating platform 30 min. 155CZK
Exercise on machines (exercise bikes) 30 min. 75CZK
Kinesio taping (up to 50 cm) 15 min. 300CZK
Infrared light (solux) 10 min. 120CZK
Cosmetic treatment of face, neck and decolletage 45 min. 600CZK
Regenerative skincare treatment using the Galvanic Spa device
Complete galvanic treatment of face and neck 45 min. 525CZK
Galvanic body treatment of the arms or knees 30 min. 270CZK
Galvanic treatment of the tummy 45 min. 390CZK
Galvanic treatment of the thighs, hips and buttocks 45 min. 415CZK
Galvanic treatment of the thighs, hips, buttocks and shins 60 min. 540CZK
Lumi Spa vibration skin cleaning 15 min. 85CZK
Procedures prescribed
Peat bog
Bog bath followed by a dry wrap 30 min. 600CZK
Bog wrap followed by a dry wrap 30 min. 600CZK
Movement therapy
Individual therapeutic exercise, soft tissue technique 15 min. 400CZK
Ergotherapy 30 min. 800CZK
Lymphatic drainage
Mechanical lymphatic drainage 30 min. 340CZK
Manual lymphatic drainage
Manual lymphatic drainage – against headaches 45 min. 500CZK
Manual lymphatic drainage – upper limbs 60 min. 750CZK
Manual lymphatic drainage – lower limbs 90 min. 1 200CZK
Manual lymphatic drainage – all-over 150 min. 1 950CZK
Physical therapy
Four-cell bath According to need 120CZK
Shortwave diathermy According to need 120CZK
Diadynamic currents According to need 120CZK
Interferential currents + VACO According to need 120CZK
Träbert currents According to need 120CZK
Rebox electrotherapy According to need 120CZK
Light therapy (phototherapy)
Laser According to need 235CZK
Bio-lamp 10 min. 120CZK
Magnet therapy
Magnet According to need 150CZK
Ultrasound According to need 150CZK
Heat therapy
Paraffin wrap According to need 160CZK
Application of CO<sub>2</sub>
Gas injection According to need 100CZK
Examination procedures and flat rates
Medical examination According to need 500CZK
Medical consultation, check-up According to need 300CZK
Doctor’s consent According to need 100CZK
Nursing care (daily flat rate) According to need 50CZK
Therapeutic daily flat rate (approx. 3 procedures daily) According to need 740CZK

Residential stays and wellness

Prices of residential stays and wellness are also available in the details of individual stays and procedures, where you can also get more information about each category.

Short residential stays


Long-term residential stays


Special offers on residential stays


Treatment procedures


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