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Frequently asked questions

Pokud máte v rámci pobytového balíčku ubytování Standard v lázeňském hotelu Olga, je na pokoji vlastní sociální zařízení. Pokud se jedná o ubytování typu Econom v lázeňských domech Libuše nebo Vlasta, nachází se sociální zařízení na patře a je zpravidla sdílené pro 3 pokoje.

Our clients can use their own technology (smartphones, tablets and notebooks) to access the freely available Wi-Fi network, which covers the entire hotel Olga, all of the Libuše spa building and the restaurant of spa building Jana. If clients are unable or unwilling to bring with them their own devices, they can access the internet 24/7 using one of the two computers with public internet access, situated on the second floor of the spa hotel Olga.

No, you can’t pick and choose. Rooms are allocated to clients as they become available and it is not possible to book particular rooms in advance.

Our services for the public include bathing with a whirlpool, aqua aerobics, as well as a Finnish and steam sauna. The prices and individual times when you can pursue these activities are given in the section Services. If you’re interested in any of the services offered, it is necessary to call in ahead to reception (tel.: 381 476 100) and book a time! These services can’t be offered without a prior reservation!

Residential stays and wellness

Prices of residential stays and wellness are also available in the details of individual stays and procedures, where you can also get more information about each category.

Short residential stays


Long-term residential stays


Special offers on residential stays


Treatment procedures


Diseases treated at the spa Spa residential stays and wellness Treatment covered by health insurance Around the spa and cultural life Treatment procedures

We have a charged parking area for spa guest that is directly within the spa compound. The client pays for their own parking, except for some packages in which parking is offered free as a bonus with a residential stay. A parking permit is issued by reception staff. The car-park is situated right beside spa hotel Olga and is monitored by CCTV. If you have to cut short your stay with us, we will reimburse you the unused parking fees. Parking fees are given in the section Price list.

You can move into your room as soon as the room is ready for you to do so. Rooms are prepared for new guests at different times, which is why we inform individual clients that they can access their accommodation from 12:00 . If the room is ready at an earlier time, we tell the client when they check in for their residential stay, and they will receive their room key earlier.

Yes. You’ll find sinks directly in the rooms at spa building Libuše, only the toilets and showers are shared by each floor.

Yes. During your stay here you can get your clothes laundered (with the exception of underwear). The service can be ordered from the chambermaid and is charged according to the current price list in addition to the cost of your stay.

Don’t worry, you won’t get bored at our spa! We organize a packed and varied cultural program for our clients (trips and guided excursions, rides around Bechyně, dance evenings, exhibitions, etc.) as well as a program of lectures and talks (expert lectures, travel talks, presentations). For those of you who like to read, we have a library at the spa, so there’s no need to bring a shelf-load of books with you. And for fans of sport and exercise, you can hire bikes and sports equipment.

That’s true in so far as that you can try out – voluntarily and free of charge – for example the breathing technique called pranayama. The qualified instructor Marie Ria Rychlíková comes to us several times a week to give classes in this technique. In addition, you can (again voluntarily and free of charge) try out acupressure under the tutelage of the Indian instructor Dr. Sandhu. We’ll let you know in advance the dates on which various courses and lectures are going to be held – you can find them here on the website in the section "Events and package tours". We believe that the millennia-old techniques of Eastern medicine are a suitable supplement to our effective spa care and we therefore offer you this opportunity to get acquainted with it.

1st category: Toilet and bathroom, TV, fridge, Wi-Fi in room, procedures in hotel, 4 lifts.

2nd category: Toilet and bathroom, TV and fridge are shared on the floor, procedures and meals are taken outside the building, Wi-Fi, no lifts in building.

We are happy to make a reservation for you (this service is free, although reservations are binding). The proposal should reach the spa at least one month before the start of treatment.

The length of the medical stay for a specific diagnosis is set out in the list of indications. Medical stays can be shortened when justified by serious reasons and only upon the proposal of the attending doctor, and following the approval of the consultant.

The decision whether to prolong a medical stay is taken by the attending doctor based upon medical condition of the client. This extension must also be approved by the medical officer of the health insurance company.

During comprehensive spa treatment, the doctor of the spa facility will issue you with a certificate of incapacity for work.

Of course, this service is free of charge. The pick-up service can be booked over the phone at the reception of the spa hotel Olga at the number 381 476 100 or by email at the address:

The composition of procedures within a package cannot be changed unless recommended for medical reasons on the doctor’s orders.

Rooms will have hand and bath towels for you to use. A dressing gown and hair drier can be borrowed at reception at the spa hotel Olga.

Free access to the pool is provided only in certain residential stay packages (e.g. Value of Health and Healthy Beauty). Generally, unlimited access is not granted, although we are happy to tell you the free times for swimming that match your timetable of procedures.

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